Gym rules

Gym rules to assure smooth progress, satisfaction and good atmosphere during the lessons:

1.Keep the lessons booking rules (registration for lessons, logout at least 4 hours in advance).

2.Change your outdoor shoes for clean indoor training shoes after you enter the gym.

3.Pay attention during movement technique or workout explanations.

4.Do not waste the chalk, over use of this help tool will not increase your endurance. Use it only inside of the bucket – inhalation of chalk dust is not very healthy.

5.Do not spread out your DNA (sweat, blood, tears, …) more than it is necessary.

6.After workout, tidy up your equipment – each piece has own storage place. In case of need, please clean it from your DNA or chalk.

7.Use the equipment carefully. However, we understand, everybody sometimes need to drop the bar.

8.For movements which required contact with the wall (HSPU, L-sit, …), please use walls with installed wooden plates.

9.For wall ball shots, use walls marked with green lines.

10.In case of any physical limitation or injury, inform your couch.

11.The music in the gym is additional stuff and everybody has different taste, respect current selection and in case of interest ask coach for a change (in suitable time).

12.Be fair play, keep movement standards and make sure to count your reps properly.

13.CrossFit is about community, team result and good mood is more important than your Ego.

14.Entrance into gym is on your own risk and responsibility !