Schedule & Reservation

If you want to see training schedule and make reservation for training, click on link bellow, make an account and sign up for lesson.

In case, you are new user, the system allowed you to sign up only one time. Next time it will be possible to sign up only with recharged credit (membership) in the gym.

Only in the specific cases, when you forgot to recharge your credit (membership) you can contact us for training reservation on mobile number +421 903 068 315.


Rules for sign in/sign out for training: 

  1. Sign in for training is possible maximum 7 days in advance (if training is already released).
  2. Sign out of training is possible at least 4 hours before training. If you do not do it, your credits would be automatically cut down regardless you join a training or you do not. If you have a membership (1-month/3-month or 1-year) in case of your absence we cut down one day of membership validity.
  3. If you do not manage to sign out 4 hours in advance and you have serious reason or unexpected occasions, contact us on number +421 903 068 315.
  4. “The price” of each training is 4 credits.